For New Members!

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First of all, welcome to our site and thank you for joining!!

Our site is very new and likely we will be adding many new features over the next several months, so stay tuned! For example, we are hoping to improve user profiles with more data fields, hashtags, blogging capabilities, as well as adding an optional feature that allows you to add your Instagram photos!

Some features have already been added. Did you know that you can make comments and add articles &/or pictures of childfree content on your profile page or in the forums? You can “like” pages, posts, comments, etc. Now you can share content from our site on your social media pages, if you wish! Also, on your profile page you can now add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts for your new friends to find & follow you! This is optional of course. You can also adjust your privacy settings to filter what people see about you.

We have just begun working to promote the site and recruit members, so we expect to keep growing! Once we have enough members, we will start arranging childfree events. Meanwhile, you are always free to try to get something together yourselves by posting it under the Events Forum!

Please let us know by sending a private message to danse4life or E-mailing us at if you have any difficulties with the site!


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