About D.I.N.K. International

What is D.I.N.K. International? 
D.I.N.K. International is a FREE social networking site for childfree individuals to help them connect with others in this world who are like-minded. Many of us are carefree, fun loving people who want to enjoy/experience life to it’s fullest! No matter why or how you came to be childfree, we hope to help you find a sense of community here! It’s not uncommon for childfree individuals to find it challenging to maintain connections with friends from childhood as those friends start having babies & their lives begin to revolve entirely around their kids. If you want to talk about how awesome the childfree life is, vent, share stories/pictures of your fur babies, share travel adventures, form new friendships, or want to have adult conversations that don’t revolve around diapers and cartoons, etc., then this site is for you!!

This site contains forums, a chat room and private messaging features for members (membership is free!!). As a member, you can create a profile and add photos/posts. You can find a list of places that currently support the childfree community. You can also find links to childfree articles/videos circulating the web – and feel free to submit any to us that we are missing!

Global Activities/Networking Events
Aside from chatting with new people on the web, We want to bring the childfree community together in person to form REAL friendships! Our goal is to eventually set up childfree events around the WORLD for members to get together to hang out. For example, we’d like to set up one night a month at a fun location in a big city local to you where you can hang out with others who don’t have to be home by 9 p.m. for bed-time stories, or who won’t flake because the baby-sitter canceled, etc (you get the picture)! And you can help make that happen! Just post your own meet-up/activity/event under the “Events” forum for other members to join! The types of events and meet-ups we envision cover a wide range: grabbing drinks at a bar, fine dining, wine tasting, pub/brewery crawls, outdoor activities such as hiking/snow spots/water sports/beach days/biking, extreme sports such as rock climbing, glacier trekking, skydiving, canyoneering, hitting the clubs/dancing, mystery dinners, taking a painting class while sipping on bubbly, heading to an amusement park, cooking classes, bowling, corvette racing schools, scenic flights… The sky is the limit!

We also plan to eventually set up an annual global D.I.N.K. International conference/meet-up at a random, fun location around the world, preferably at an adults-only resort (DUH!!), for a week of pure childfree bliss! How awesome would it be to meet childfree singles and couples in person from around the GLOBE?!? A bunch of carefree people hanging out at a resort with no responsibilities for a week – now that sounds like a fun party!!

ARE YOU SINGLE AND COMMITTED TO BEING CHILDFREE?!?! If you have been struggling in the dating scene to find someone who is sold on the childfree lifestyle like you, then stay-tuned! My dating website, Sink2Dink.com will be up and running shortly! You will be able to access it from this site, so check back soon!

As you are probably aware, childfree individuals often are incorrectly viewed by society as selfish because they obviously (insert sarcasm) spend all their money/time on themselves (don’t get me started on how wrong that is!!)…

How much does it cost to join?
It’s completely free!!!