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    So I was staying in a hotel this past weekend and there were 2 obnoxious little kids in the room next to me who kept SCREAMING their heads off all day the entire weekend!!!! I complained to hotel management because it was so loud they literally sounded like they were in my room! They couldn’t switch my room because the hotel was fully booked and of course since they kids weren’t loud after “quiet hours” they said there was nothing they could do! I got so sick of hearing them I decided to play my music on full blast LOL

    I can’t believe they allow screaming children but then don’t allow dogs!!




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    I always say that too! It doesn’t make any sense that most hotels allow babies and not dogs!! Both can be loud, although dogs can be trained to be quiet pretty early on. And both can make messes! I’ve seen plenty of pictures of toddlers & kids drawing on walls & furniture in hotels… And sometimes kids shi*t on things or themselves too!! As long as a dog is well-trained, there is very little damage they would do in a room. Obviously there are people who suck at training their dogs, but some parents suck with training their kids!!!! haha. I would’ve asked for some sort of accommodation if I were you!!

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    Um okay that is a terrible experience and I’ve had it many times!!! I feel like I always get stuck next to a family with a baby or toddler that cries non-stop. I’m always tempted to record it from my room cause it’s so loud and play it for the management to hear how awful it is, but I don’t know that that would be legal in the US… I mean, I’m in my own room, and it’s not a conversation, so maybe I wouldn’t need consent? Anyway, I feel your pain!

    I hope as the childfree community continues to grow we see more & more childfree hotels, or childfree sections of hotels! Same with restaurants… I’m not saying kids should be entirely excluded from everything, but there could be a family side and the non-family side.

    And honestly, I’d be willing to pay EXTRA┬áto fly on a childfree plane or in a childfree section on a plane! Kids on planes are the worst!!!

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