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    Hi! My husband and I just got back from Death Valley National Park and we loved it. The trip wasn’t as “interesting” as our visit to Sequoia National Park- a black bear wandered through the neighboring campsite.

    We plan to see every National Park at some point in the future. What are your favorite National parks, forests, or monuments? What made them memorable to you?

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    That’s somethig I’d like to do as well! I think one place that really surprised me and that I would love to return to is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in northern Michigan. It’s simply beautiful! There are many hiking trails and it actually is not crowded at all (at least it wasn’t when I went in August)… I think this is because it’s so remote. The scenery is breathtaking with cliffs overlooking interesting rock formations & Lake Superior. There definitely is a chance to see wildlife (including bears) when you’re there, and friends have seen then there but I personally didn’t. I saw a wolf one night though.

    The National Lakeshore isn’t the only cool thing in the area. If you have a little extra time, I’d recommend taking the ferry to Grand Island. My boyfriend and I brought our bikes and rode 10milea of trails there and rode in to our campsite too! It felt like we were on a private island – we only saw two people the entire time!

    If you’re into camping, there are some free campsites in a place called “paradise” that are about 20 minutes from Pictured Rocks. You can camp right along the cliffs with views of Lake Superior and you can hike down to the lake too! If you’re lucky (it’s rare cause it’s often cloudy) you can sometimes catch the northern lights!!


    And nd since you’re already way up north, I’d recommend heading a little farther north to Isle Royale national park – I personally haven’t been yet but my boyfriend has and he raves about it and how unique it is! Again, it’s very remote and can only be accessed during certain seasons. If you’re an experienced kayaker, he says there is some amazing kayaking there as well!  🙂

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    Hanna, have you visited any other national parks? Have you checked out Yosemite? I have been to Yosemite so many times and it never gets old. Ever! If you want to see lots of wildlife, I’d say go to Yellowstone. The bison walk right across the roads – and so do the bears!!!! We saw bears on the road and there were so many crazy people who got out of their cars trying to get pics of them without seeming to be afraid at all. I was definitely a little too nervous for that! And all the geysers are freaking awesome. I feel like Old Faithful was far from my fav but I can’t remember the name anymore of the ones I liked the best. I guess I’d just say check out as many as possible lol.

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    Never been to Yellowstone but I’d love to get some pictures of those bears! lol

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    Wow, Grand Island sounds right up our alley! I will definitely add that/move it up in the list.

    When I was a kid, I went to Yellowstone and Glacier. I remember being impressed, but I don’t remember much else. Oh, and Rocky Mountain National Park was frequented since I grew up in Colorado.

    Those Grizzlies would be impressive to see… through a telephoto lens. ;-).

    We did get some decent pics of the (much smaller and more docile) black bears in Sequoia.  These guys were just off a major road. Mama on the left called the photo shoot off pretty quick after this. Bears just off the road to General Sherman


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